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PlusConcept is a professional hands on – advisory firm supporting great companies, people to market & promote their products & services in Asia. We are always keen to develop & implement new business concepts & ideas.

the trusted partner for your business in Singapore, Germany, China and Japan

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Looking to develop business opportunities in Singapore & beyond? PlusConcept Singapore | Germany helps to get products, service, business & investments in our markets. We are offering business development at our hub Singapore and into Japan and China.


We operate your business on location, we can get things going and represent you on location and work on your behalf. We operate your sales or manage your business on an interim basis.We liaise with your business partners and actively expand your operations.


Looking for a productive desk space to kick start your business in Singapore and to get things done in a professional environment? Our location service solutions offer unique work settings in conservation shophouses and efficient working environments.


Your trusted partner to grow your business and to simply getting things done in Asia.

— PlusConcept —

PlusConcept Services

Business Development

Supporting the development and growth of your business is our priority. Our wide and trustworthy network will help you to get your business off to the right start, connect to the right contacts and market your products and business.

We offer market entry assistance especially catered to SMEs to get established and realize their marketing potential in the unique complex but highly attractive market.

We will enable you to get an effective on-location overview during a visit by preparing a powerful agenda to give you the best market overview catered to your company and to meet potential key-contacts from customers, partners, vendors and trade organizations.

What we do
  • Strategy
  • Market Entry
  • Start-up Service
  • Market Studies
  • Networking

Business Operations

We offer a task related support approach. We pride ourselves to be your trustworthy and reliable partner to carry out operational tasks on your behalf without high initial startup cost. This is supported by a simple and transparent fee structure, which generates significant savings in comparison to travel or hiring local staff in Japan. Especially in this business field our loyalty and commitment towards our clients has the highest priority. For established businesses, we offer our extensive experiences in corporate restructuring and change management, to implement changes in your organization or be the sparring partner to your current management team to achieve changes. On the staffing side we are able to take up management or project roles on an interim basis and or place the right staff in your organization.

What we offer
  • Representation | Directorship
  • Interims Management
  • Trade | Sales Services
  • Brand Representation
  • E-commerce | Retail

Location Services

Our workspaces through PLUSCONCEPT | SPACE are productive and cost efficient desk and office spaces set in traditional conservation shophouses reflecting the traditions and history of Singapore.

We offer conducive working environments synergies and full access.

In line with the location services, we offer support in setting up and expanding your business, incorporation, local directorships and related services like accounting processing and mailing address services.

Contact us or head over to our PlusConcept | Space website – we are happy to set you up with a great working environment to get your business started.

What we do

Integrated Concepts

Whilst providing short term business development and distribution concepts, we keep the long term view in mind. We are experienced in integrated sales and logistics concepts, as well as in the establishment of local business operations. In an integrated approach with our our clients and partners, our customers are able to set-up their own sales and logistics platforms in Tokyo and Singapore – giving you control over your channels and marketing.

We happily share our knowledge and experience through our coaching and seminar programs and those of our partner Sinalingua.

We happily share our knowledge and experience through our coaching and seminar programs and those of our partner Sinalingua.

What we offer
  • Coaching | Training
  • Logistic Concepts
  • Local Business Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Restructuring

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What our Clients say

  • PlusConcept has successfully created a conducive, on-brand and on-budget shared business space with PlusConcept | SPACE.
    It caters efficiently as a think-tank for independent start-up business individuals or small teams, who thrive in an environment of trust, respect and self-motivation. And the location caters beautifully, to those who appreciate being in the middle of old-world charms and new-world progression, as an accessible central business operations unit.

    — XH —
  • A big thank you to PlusConcept for creating such an awesome business development center! With its superb location, neat facilities, flexible package offers and most importantly conducive environment in a beautiful shophouse full of heritage – I can’t ask for more.”

    — N —
  • As a busy entrepreneur running a small company I have found Juanita’s business services to be invaluable. They allows me to focus on what it is I do best with the peace of mind that all the ‘other stuff’ required within a company is taken care of. It is exactly what I need to grow my company.

    — IA —
  • Plusconcept in einem alten Shophaus gleich hinter dem Raffles Hotel in Singapur setzt auf Unternehmen, die ihre asiatischen Marktchancen antesten wollen. „Für die ist angesichts der extrem hohen Mietpreise hier Coworking eine preiswerte und flexible Alternative. Zudem ist das chinesisch geprägte Singapur ein idealer ‚Sandkasten’ für solche, die Richtung China streben“, findet Markus Kaub, ein Heidelberger mit weitreichender beruflicher Ostasienerfahrung.

    — ML —
  • I would like to thank Markus Kaub of PlusConcept for his exceptionally superior service. I have been attempting to run a business in Japan since 2001. After eight years and tens of thousands of dollars spent on dozens of other companies and attempting to partner with a dozen different people who promised the moon and delivered nothing, PlusConcept accomplished in months what I had been attempting for years.

    — IA —
  • If you are looking to set up shop in Tokyo, PlusConcept will do it for you, period. PlusConcept has been a true business partner for me in Tokyo. PlusConcept will analyze your business completely and get you set up as a live operation ready to do business in Japan. I recommend PlusConcept as the best company in Tokyo for setting up a business in Japan.

    — BD —
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending Evelyn, she is the most trust worthy, efficient, detail orientated and personaI have dealt with.

    — Z —
  • Fast and efficient virtual office service

    — A —

Our Team

Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet some of the team


Business Development | Marketing
Director (Singapore | Germany | Japan)

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Corporate Establishment | COO Specialist
Corporate Secretary (Singapore)

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Corporate Trainer | Real Estate Expert
Director (Singapore)

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Project and Interims Management | Coach
Director (Germany)

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PR | Marketing
Partner (Japan | Singapore)

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Experts in their fields

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Some of our past & present clients, projects and partners so far




All about the our business

PlusConcept at a glance


PlusConcept Pte. Ltd. has been created out of the need for hands-on operational support and cost efficient services for small and mid-sized business and individuals who wish to expand or invest into Asia – in particular through our hub in Singapore. From here onward we do have the best connections and networks to move further into Asia – to Japan and China in particular. Our focus is on simply getting your job done.

Keeping things simple and straightforward for you is our prerogative.

Trust and loyalty are key ingredients of our success – so is our solid and proven network.

We do have the highest quality expectations first of all towards ourselves, our teams, staff and management. The same goes for our partners, who have been for many years active in the relevant product lines in the markets. The quality expectation towards our traded products goes without saying.

PlusConcept Asia


Our experience in the region reaches back as far as 20 years, when the interest in the market – especially China – awakened. Our working experience spans early Joint Venture setup and negotiations in various industries as well as a solid restructuring and change management experience with multinational corporations. We have been successfully implementing work for local and multinational companies working with cross-cultural teams.

PlusConcept Asia Competency


Your partner for a wide range of business development and operational tasks.

PlusConcept Services



Our solutions as starting point to your success in Asia.

PlusConcept Solutions


We are a team of very experienced cross functional Asia – Europe business professionals. We are happy to support you with our knowledge and network – to bring your business to Asia via our smart hub Singapore or vice versa. We are always open to discuss concepts and support options to support your business hands-on, to place your products and services in the relevant markets or to train and prepare your staff.

Please feel free to contact us at our German base or our Asia hub in Singapore.


Talk to us about more details. We will offer you a competitive pricing matching your needs and the value you will receive. This could be a simple per task fee, a monthly retainer or a yearly fee to access our ad-hoc advisory services, market intelligence and coaching. We do however strongly believe that good work deserves a fair pricing.



We'd really love to hear from you . Drop us an email and we'll get back to you soon.


Contact us HERE or use the CONTACT TAB one the left or CALL US (see below). We take a personal approach to customer service and are always happy to answer your questions or provide more information about this developing your business in Asia and provide you with great start-up locations to kick start your operations. Looking forward to discuss options + solutions with you. THANK YOU

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